Hi, Sweet tooth!
Most probably you love sweets or maybe not. But nevertheless we are very glad to see you here at LOL&POP!
LOL&POP is family business. My name is Alona and here is my husband Dima. We have been working for a long time at our good paid jobs, but one day we decided that we want more. And unexpectedly our sweet idea found us. On one dull autumn day in 2012 we found very interesting video on Youtube. In this video famous Martha Stewart was making handmade hard candy. Well and from this moment our lives have changed a lot. On 21st February 2013 LOL&POP was launched. We started with candy kitchen and online shop. And since then we have made a lot of things. Take a look.
26 February 2013
Opening of LOL&POP candy kitchen and online store
22 May 2014
Opening of the LOL&POP retail shop in Kyiv
November 2014
LOL&POP candies start to sell in Good Wine (one of the most sophisticated retailer grocery shops in UA)
21 June 2015
Opening of the first LOL&POP franchising shop in Zaporizhe
23 September 2015
Opening of the first LOL&POP shop abroad – Krakow, Poland
December 2015 - February 2016
LOL&POP candies start to sell in 2 more retail chains: Eko Lavka (chain with the main focus on health priducts) and Antoshka (chain specialized on selling goods for kids)
February 2016
Opening of one more LOL&POP franchising shop in Israel – Ramat Gan
April 2016
Obtaining the Kosher Certificate
May 2016
Opening of the LOL&POP franchising shop in Bulgaria – Varna
September 2016
LOL&POP candies start to sell in on more chain – Wine Time, which has shops in 14 Ukrainian cities
LOL&POP have 1000 ideas to develop and implement
LOL&POP is a play of words, which forms the word lollipop
LOL is an abbreviation for laughing out loud and is used to express laughter. Our candies taste delicious, look colorful and when people see our sweets they make them smile. The abbreviation POP is short for "popular". Therefore, if we add these words together, it turns out that our company makes sweets that create smiles and are popular.
It was challenging enough to learn how to make different pictures and text inside the candy. And we were looking for the person who will teach us quite long. And found him on the other continent. We were taught by the best world master. He opened the world of hard candy to us and taught us how to make different logos, detailed pictures inside the tiny candy. He also stretched our boundaries and gave us secret recipes of the candy with red pepper, cinnamon and other unexpected ingredients
What is our candy made of?
Sugar, water, glucose, citric acid, natural flavoring and natural coloring.
You will ask: And that's it?
Yes, that's it
Can your kids eat our sweets?
Well, let's be honest, you know that "Measure is the treasure". The same is with sweets. We use only natural, kosher ingredients, but our sweets contain sugar and you just need to know when to stop.

Are we confident in the quality of our sweets?

Yes, we are. Our main taster is the most important person in our lives – our daughter.
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