With LOL&POP candy you can easily arrange you candy bar, make specified birthday gift or prepare not trivial wedding giveaway presents.
There are various ready to buy candy in our assortment, which you can use. For the full range of our candy, please visit our Internet Shop. But you can also order candy with your own text, name or initials and in color you need. Marshmallows, caramels and jelly candies can fit to any candy bar and kids will love colorful lollipops.
Wedding customized candy
Inside the candy we can make capital letter of your names or the date of your wedding. Minimum order for such type of candy is from 4 to 6 kg. and depends on the length of the text you want to put inside.
Candy bar

With LOL&POP candy you can arrange your candy bar in the color scheme you want.
Candy color palette

While placing the order you can also choose color palette you need and one of the 16 tastes that we have in our range.
Thematic candy

There are always thematic candies in our standard assortment, which you can buy in small amounts starting from 125 g.

Lollipops can be used for photo shootings, also as the element of candy bar or can serve like invitations to a party.
Only natural ingredients

In production of LOL&POP sweets we use only natural ingredients: sugar, wanter, glucose, citric acid, natural flavor and natural coloring.

Marshmallows is traditional American sweet. It has very tender airy structure. The secret of this airy delicious sweet is that it's main ingredient is gelatin and no eggs.
Placing you order

You can place your order easily and in a way you like more. You can fill in the form on the website, you can write us email or start chatting with us online, if you like you can call us. Our managers will answer all your questions. For all our custom orders we prepare visual presentation with all the details of the order.
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