We can place logo or name of your company inside the candy
We know that sometimes there are situations when you need to get the star from the sky. If you work as event or hr manager, loyalty manager in the agency or company, you always need to create something interesting and trendy for your partners, colleagues, employees, customers. We can help you. Candy with logos inside the candy may become great corporate gift for almost every occasion. Here are the main 10 facts about our candy.
Fact #1

We can place any logo, text or picture inside the tiny hard candy
Fact #2

All our candy are 100% handmade. We don't use any machinery in our production. Every symbol, letter, picture is handmade inside the candy. Pulling, stretching, cutting process is also 100% handmade
Fact #3

We use only natural colorings in our candy. We can match the color of your corporate logo. It will be as much alike as possible, but we don't work with Pantone color palette
Fact #4

Approximately there are 500 small candies in 1 kg.
One candy weights approx. 2 g.

Fact #5

We don't add any preservatives to our candy, that why the taste of our candy can be described like this "taste of my childhood"
Fact #6

We can't make the candy less than from 4 kg batch. That's the only reason why the minimum order for customized candy is not less than 4 kg. And it varies from 4 to 7 kg. depending on what text, logo or picture should be inside the candy
Fact #7

We need from 2 to 4 hours to make 4-6 kg. candy batch. All depends on the picture we need to put inside the candy. The standard time of delivery the order is from 3 to 5 working days. But during holidays it can take longer because of the big amount of orders. It can take even 20 days. So we always advice to order in advance
Fact #8

1 kg of customized candy costs 400 UAH
Fact #9

Color and taste of the candy are not depend on each other. For example, you can order black candy with the strawberry taste
Fact #10

We can brand the packaging as well. With the help of branded stickers, ribbons, cards we can create 100% customized product for your company
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